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Marketing Cloud: Microsites/Landing Pages: Is there a way to create a microsite/landing page that does not auto-generate the header and body tags?

Knowledge Article Number 000247100
Description In the Marketing Cloud, learn what types of microsites and landing page options automatically generate header and body tags within the HTML code.
Resolution The only option at this time that does not automatically build in the header and body tags is to create a Landing Page directly from HTML. To create this, go to Email > Contents > My Microsites > Click on the name of the created Microsite > Click Create > Under Creation Method, choose Build from HTML. 

The three options that automatically build in code for the header and body tags are as follows:
  • The Landing Page built-in layouts
  • Microsite Layout Creator
  • Microsites also have the option to build a layout from HTML.
NOTE: The Microsite Layout Creator is contained in a folder of its own in the Contents area of the Email application named My Microsite Layouts. 

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