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Wave & Actual data within datasets is not localized.

Knowledge Article Number 000247154
Description Wave Analytics provides localization support but with the following limitations.

You must set both locale and language to see translated labels. Actual data within datasets is not localized. Each dataset may have a single locale specified in the metadata by setting the locale and language of the Analytics Integration User. The metadata locale is not overridden by individual users' locale settings. All users see the same date, time, and number formats, as well as dimension names, regardless of their own locale and language settings.

Actual field labels are translated as they are seen as metadata, although the values that are contained within these fields are seen as data within Wave Analytic's.

For Example:
The Opportunity "Stage Name" would be localized and translated. However the Values within the "Stage Name" picklist are considered to be data within the dataset and are not translated and would appear in English, ie: Closed Won, Closed Lost, Qualified, & so on..
Resolution See Also:

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