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Featured Topics Component Not Showing Articles in other Languages

Knowledge Article Number 000247157
Description When you use the Language Picker to change your language then select a Topic from the Featured Topics component you may notice that no articles are returned.  This will typically happen when you have assigned a Topic to the article written in the default language, but not the translated ones.  When you assign a Topic to an article the system will not automatically assign the same Topic to the translated versions of the article.
Resolution To resolve the issue you need to assign Topics to the translated versions of the article:

1. Log-in as a System Admin

2. Go to Setup | Customize | Communities | All Communities

3. Click the Manage link next to the community

4. Select Topics | Article Management

5. Open a new web browser tab and navigate to your personal settings page in Salesforce

6. Set your language to one of the languages your article is written in

7. Save the changes

8. Go back to tab with Article Management page and refresh the page

9. Add topics to the articles

After making the changes if you switch your language to the language you set in step 6 you'll be able to see results after selecting a Topic using the Featured Topics component.  You'll need to repeat the steps for each language your team uses for articles.

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