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How to use Salesforce Data Extensions with Advertising Studio Audiences

Knowledge Article Number 000247162
Description When a Data Extension is placed in a Salesforce Data Extension folder in Email Studio, that Data Extension will not appear in Advertising Studio Audiences for a user to select and build an audience from. This article provides guidelines on how to overcome this obstacle and build an Advertising Audience using the data from the Salesforce Data Extension.


Option 1: Use Synchronized Data Extensions
Synchronized Data Extensions can be used as another way to sync your Sales and Service Cloud data to the Marketing Cloud. Synchronized Data Extensions are created through the contact builder so they have the added benefit of helping you map your Salesforce data attributes to your Marketing Cloud contacts. This allows you to build a more holistic view of your customers by combining Salesforce and Marketing Cloud data attributes. When building a synchronized Data Extension, you will pull in a list of attributes associated to an object in Sales Cloud of Service Cloud. An example of an object in Salesforce could be a Lead or a Contact. When synchronized Data Extensions pull in data they pull in all rows belonging to that object, i.e. all leads or all contacts rather than a subset or segment of those. If a you want to only use a segment of customers within the synchronized Data Extension, then you can create a data filter in the Marketing Cloud to create a new Data Extension off your synchronized Data Extension. When in Advertising Studio Audiences you will see your Synchronized data Extensions and filtered Data Extensions to select and build audiences from. To get started with Synchronized data extensions - see here

Option 2: Move the Data Extension from the Salesforce Data Extension folder into a regular Data Extension folder.
If you want to continue to use Salesforce Data Extensions, then you can simply move the Data Extension from the Salesforce Data Extension folder into a regular Data Extension folder and it will be available to select in Advertising Studio Audiences. However it’s important to note that while a Data Extension is in a regular folder it cannot sync data back to Salesforce, for example, email send data. If you want to use the Data Extension for email sends as well as Advertising Audiences and it’s important that email send data is syncing back to Salesforce then you should explore option 3. 

Option 3:  Create two Data Extension from Salesforce data, one that lives in the regular Data Extension folder and one that lives in the Salesforce Data Extension folder.
If you want to continue to use Salesforce data extensions and you want to ensure data such as email send data is syncing back to Salesforce you can simply create two Salesforce Data Extensions. Create two Salesforce Data Extensions, then move one Data Extension to a regular Data Extension folder. This Data Extension can be used with Advertising Studio, the other Data Extension can remain in the Salesforce Data Extension folder and be should be used for marketing messages so data can still be synced back into Salesforce. Advertising Studio does not provide any ads reporting data on the contacts in the Data Extension so there is nothing to lose moving it out of the Salesforce Data Extension folder. It is important to note that when using two matching Data Extension, two import automations will need to be set-up to automatically sync data in from Salesforce.

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