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Restricting access to content files between communities

Knowledge Article Number 000247183
Description We currently have the following scenario:

1. User "A" is an SFDC Community member.
2. User "B" is a user that has access both to the SFDC Community and the GUEST community
3. User "A" can look up to User "B"
4. User "A" can look up any file that User "B" owns

This does not work for us as we need files to not be access by members outside the community. We need to make sure that User "A" does not have access.
Resolution The workaround for this is to modify the following settings:
*   Uncheck the box for “Community User Visibility” in Sharing Settings
*   Check the box for “Files posted on user profiles in communities are visible only to members of the community where the files originated” in Salesforce Files Settings
*   Enable external Sharing model.
*   Set User External sharing to Private

This should assist in the process so that User "A" who does have a look up to User "B" cannot view files of User "A". 

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