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Picklist fields associated to Global Picklist do not appear under the Record Type page to edit the values that are displayed

Knowledge Article Number 000247196
Description If you create Picklist fields on an object and associate them to a Global Picklist, you'll notice that those Picklist fields do not appear on the Record Type page for the object. The purpose of that page is to choose the Picklist values that show up for that Record Type. 

Resolution When you have more than one Picklist field that is associated to a Global Picklist, those fields share the same Record Type configuration. However, if you go to the Record Type page, you will see that those Picklist fields are all grouped together under one name. So if you have fields "Picklist A", "Picklist B", and "Picklist C", you will see under the Record Type page, a field called "Picklist A, Picklist B, Picklist C". It's there where you can edit the values shown for those fields, but again, you can only edit them for all of the Picklist fields as a group, not select the values for them individually. 

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