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Campaign Influence related list available on Opportunities

Knowledge Article Number 000247208
Description To get the Campaign Influence related list to show on Opportunities, you need to enable the customizable Campaign Influence. Your organization should have either CRM User or Sales User Permission Set license Assignments assigned to the User Profile.

Read our documentation to learn more about Campaign Influence setup.

Configuring the Campaign Influence 

1. Click Setup
2. In the "Quick Find" field, enter Campaign Influence | click Campaign Influence.
3. Click Enabled.
4. After you have enabled the Campaign Influence, navigate to the User detail page and scroll down to the Related list Permission Set License Assignments and assign either CRM User or Sales User license to the User.
5. Create a permission set with the "Campaign Influence" permission (To create Permission Set: Go | Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets | enable permission "Campaign Influence") or another option is to create a Custom Profile with the permission "Campaign Influence"

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