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Report on Users Login History count

Knowledge Article Number 000247236
Description To get the number of times Users logged into Salesforce, we can use the filter User Login History.ClientType to count against Browser, Mobile etc.

Resolution Follow the below steps to track the User’s Login History count:

1. Click Report Tab | New Report | Under Administrative Reports | Select Users | Click create

          a. Add all the Required fields including Login Date/Time
          b. Add one filter to the report as “Client Type equals Browser & Mobile”, which also gives you the other options so that you will be able to track how many Users Login using “Mobile/Browser” etc.
          c. Group the Report by “Full Name and Login Date”.
          d. This gives you the exact Count and records for your Users Login History
  e. Run Report and Click Save.


To limit the report to "True Logins" you need to use the Filter: Active equals True.

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