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Winter '17 changes to Campaign Member Import

Knowledge Article Number 000247238
Description Prior to Winter '17 users were able to both import Accounts & Contacts or Leads and simultaneously create or update their Campaign Member records in order to associate them to a Campaign. There were three ways to do this which yielded different options and results:

1) For this option users will need to create a separate file for Accounts & Contacts or Leads. It is not possible to add and update Contacts and Leads to campaigns in the same operation using this method. Add and populate "Campaign Id" and "Campaign Member: Status" columns in your import file.

- Navigate to Setup, enter Data Import Wizard in the Quick Find box, then select Data Import Wizard and select either the Accounts and Contacts or Leads object accordingly.

- Select the "Assign [contacts or leads] to campaigns" check box in the "What do you want to do?" step of the import process.

- Be sure to map both the "Campaign Id" CSV Header (column) to the Campaign Member: Campaign field and the "Campaign Member: Status" header to the Campaign Member: Status field.

2) Navigate to Setup, enter Data Import Wizard in the Quick Find box, then select Data Import Wizard and choosing Campaign Member Status only presented users with the option to "Update existing records" using Matched by : Salesforce Id

3) Navigate to a Campaign record and select the Manage Members option in the Campaign Members related list and in the campaign detail section to "Add Members - Import File" allowed users to select either the Accounts and Contacts or Leads objects with the following available options with the ability to Match by: ID or Name or Email

- Add new records

- Update existing records

- Add new and update existing records

Resolution After Winter '17 the Account & Contact or Lead import processes have been separated from the Campaign Member import wizard.

If you would like to maintain the same functionality as option 3) post release an Administrator can create a custom link or button for the Campaign import wizard by navigating to Setup and entering the search term "Campaign" in quick find and clicking "Buttons, Links, and Actions" under Campaigns and clicking the "New Button or Link" button.

Use the following URL to create either a "Detail Page Link" or "Detail Page Button" or "List Button" and be sure to select the behavior option "Display in new window." All three selections will work, your selection just dependent on where you would like the feature to display for users. Click the "View example" link in setup to see how each option works and check out Define Custom Buttons and Links for more details.


However, if a custom button or link is out of the question please read on.

Option 1) remains unchanged and users may continue to import and add campaign members the same way.

However, please note the differences below for the other two methods:

For 2) the selection has been changed from "Campaign Member Status" to "Campaign Members" and it now presents users with the additional operations below with Matched by : Salesforce Id as the only available matching option.

- Add new records

- Update existing records

- ​Add new and update existing records


For 3) "Add Members - Import File" now allows users to only select "Campaign Members" instead of the Accounts and Contacts or Leads objects that were available previously with Match by: ID as the only available matching selections now.

Since users are no longer importing or updating Account & Contacts or Leads and Campaign members via one user interface operation via "Add Members - Import File" they will now need to first ensure that they have imported or updated the Accounts & Contacts or Leads they desire to add to a Campaign and then use the Campaign Import Wizard. See Import Data with the Data Import Wizard for more details.

Alternatively, they may choose to use option 1)  to perform both operations at the same time.

Once Accounts & Contacts and Lead data is imported or updated successfully users will need to generate a report containing the corresponding record's Salesforce Ids to properly prepare their Campaign Member import file. See Add or Update Campaign Members with the Data Import Wizard for more details.

These changes are by design and intentional to create a more uniform and consistent experience while importing or updating Campaign Member records within the various application areas. These changes allow for users to easily add contacts, person accounts, and leads as new campaign members and update existing campaign members by Salesforce ID, all from one source file. Matching based on Id ensures that the correct records are appropriately added to or updated against the correct Campaigns and it's no longer necessary to separate Leads and Contacts into their own unique files when using options 2) or 3) above.

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