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File visibility between internal users and community users

Knowledge Article Number 000247252
Description Suppose customer has a customer object used by both internal users and community users.  Internal users can attach Files to custom object record by either uploading via Chatter Publisher or “Files” related list.  Internal users may want to share some, but not all files related to custom object record.  This articles discusses nuances on sharing files between internal and community users.
Resolution Please note the following nuances when adding files to custom object record:

1.  Internal users can share Files with community users using the following method:

In custom object record, upload file via Chatter Publisher and select “All with access”.  Click “Share”

* By default, Chatter Publisher visibility is set to “Organization Name Internal”.  The “Organization Name” is based on your “Organization Name” field in “Setup -> Company Information”.  Internal users need to explicitly set visibility from “Organization Name Internal” to “All with access” to share file with community user.  This is working as designed to prevent internal users from accidentally sharing sensitive/confidential files with community users.  There is no way to default Chatter Publisher to default to “All with access”.

2.  When internal users attach files via “Files” related list, files are always defaulted to “Organization Name Internal” visibility.  There is no option to change or default visibility to “All with access” via “Files” related list.  This is working as designed.  To share file with community users, please use Chatter publisher and set select “All with access”.

3.  When community users attach files via Chatter Publisher or “Files” related list, the file is always uploaded with “All with access” visibility.   


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