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SalesforceA Trust website update

Knowledge Article Number 000247253
Description A recent update to SalesforceA Mobile App allows users to access the Salesforce Trust website.  

This update will require users to install the latest version of SalesforceA for iOS or Android.  

What is changing?
Salesforce has enhanced its Trust website that powers the display of the Trust status within the SalesforceA mobile app. Changes associated with the Trust enhancement require an updated version of the SalesforceA mobile app in order to continue displaying Trust information regarding your instance from within the app.

What action do I need to take?
To ensure that you and other SalesforceA mobile app users can continue to access Trust information within the app, iOS users must update to SalesforceA Version 3.2.1 through the App Store, and Android users must update to SalesforceA Version 3.0.5 through Google Play.

If users do not update to the required version, they will see an error message on the Overview screen instead of Trust and user information until they have updated their app version. All other features in the app will remain functional.
Why is Salesforce making this change?
The Salesforce Trust website has been enhanced to provide more detailed information on the status of your instance. As a result, status information from the old Trust website will no longer be available for display in the SalesforceA mobile app.

Where can I get more information? 
For additional questions, open a case with Customer Support via the Help & Training portal.

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