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Merging Contacts Error in NPSP "duplicate field selected"

Knowledge Article Number 000247260
Description Getting error when trying to merge contacts see below (either the field called "Deceased" or another similar field:

Error: Failed to query contact information. Error: System.QueryException: duplicate field selected: npsp__Deceased__c

Resolution This issue is occurring because there are two fields with the same name (one customer and one that is used by NPSP). The current work around to resolve this issue is to simply change the API name for the duplicate field (not the NPSP field). How can this be done?

1.) Log into Salesforce and go to: Setup | Build | Customize | Contacts | Fields

2.) Look on the list for the field causing the issue, for example if the error says "Deceased"  then you will need to look for the word "Deceased"  in Contact Custom Fields section, and there you should see two fields with the name Deceased (if the error shows another name look for that name twice)

3.) When you find the Field name twice look over in the column "Installed Package" and find the field that the Installed Package is blank (meaning it has no name and/or does not say NPSP). You will need to click on "Edit" next to this field

4.) On the next page in the field "Field Name" (not Field label) you will need to change the Name to be something else, such as Deceased_Custom (if the field is called Favorite_Snack, then you would rename it as Favorite_Snack_Custom)

5.) Click Save. When you save, you'll get a warning to be careful making this change. It's okay, click Confirm and Save again.

6.) Go back and merge the Contacts again, if a new error comes up with a different Field name repeat the steps above for the other field.


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