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How to log in to a Sandbox

Knowledge Article Number: 000005238


Your Sandbox Username and Password will be different than your Production Organization login credentials. Although they are connected to Production (Sandbox is exact replica of Production), they are considered two separate Organizations. Learn how to log into your Sandbox below. 


Sandbox Login Troubleshooting Steps

  • Make sure you're logging in at the URL:
  • The username for the Sandbox has the Sandbox name appended. For example: A Sandbox named "ZZZ" would be ""
  • The password will be the same as it was in the Production instance when the Sandbox was refreshed. Salesforce does not alter passwords when we create Sandbox copies.

Note: If you have changed your password in your Production Org.  This does not change in your Sandbox automatically as the 2 orgs are considered independent of each other. Go to "" and then follow the instructions to reset your password. 

If you're sure the password is correct, please consider our article, "Can't Login to Sandbox though Password is correct" for further information.