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Error When Sending Emails: NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION

Knowledge Article Number 000002868

Why we get the following error when sending mail through a trigger "System.EmailException: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION, Single email is not enabled for your organization or profile. Single email must be enabled for you to use this feature.: []" 

The trigger is executed by a user with System Administrator profile, both Mass mail and Single Mail are enabled for the profile.



The reasons are :

>>Trial accounts do not allow the use of mass email. You will have to purchase a license to go live with your org.
>>You are missing a permission in the backend and must log a case with Salesforce support to enable "Respect SendEmail API" and "SendEmail API".
>>The access level might have been set to "system e-mails".
 In setup | Administration setup | Email Administration | Deliverability, verify if the access level is set to "All e-mails".
The e-mail deliverability is a new feature released in spring 13 and as per the release notes, all newly refreshed sandboxes default to "system email only"
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