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Make a Custom Field required

Knowledge Article Number 000003107

There are 3 ways to make Custom Fields required.We'll provide some information on each option available.


Field level requirements

This is the most restrictive of requirements, and it requires the field to be entered all the time, regardless of how the record is saved (i.e. through an integration, the API, mass upload, or through the User Interface). Read through these instructions for more information.

On the page layout

This option only makes the field required when the specific page layout that you set this requirement on is accessed. Therefore, you could technically make this required for some users that use a particular page layout but not others. 

NOTE:  This requirement only applies when the record is edited on the User Interface.



Validation rule requirement


The simplest validation rule to make a custom field required looks like this:


Or, if the field is a Number or Currency type field use this syntax:


You can build more complex validation rules that have conditional statements to meet your business needs.

NOTE: Like the field level setting, this will apply all the time, regardless of where the record is created or updated. Read validation rule considerations to know what impact this will have. 

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