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Can I map the record type in Reporting Snapshot?

Knowledge Article Number 000003137

Is it possible to map the record type in a reporting snapshot?


No it is not possible to map the record type in an Reporting Snapshot.

Here is the idea for this:


Create a Text formula

First get the IDs and names of your record types

1. Go to the Account Record Type
2. Click on the Label of the first one
3. Copy the ID
Example : The ID starts after "id=" and is before "&".

Then paste the ID into your formula:
IF(RecordTypeId ="0126000000053ik", "Account Record Type",
IF(RecordTypeId ="0126000000056bP", "Last type", "None"))

This formula says if the ID is 0126000000053ik then display the text  "Account Record Type", if its 0126000000056bP then display the text "Last Type", if neither then display the text "None". You'll need to do that for each of your IDs.

Then add the field to your report and map it in the reporting snapshot.

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