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How to count dynamic dashboards (run as logged in user) that are used in my organization

Knowledge Article Number 000003688
Description Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions.

The number of Dynamic Dashboards available to an organization depends on the edition, please review Salesforce1 Reporting Limits Per Edition

In order to identify the dynamic dashboards that are in your organization you can create a report, use Workbench, or check personal folders manually. 

Use a Report

First, create a new custom report type:

      1. Go to Setup | Build | Create | Report Types.
      2. Create a new report type.
      3. Select the Dashboards Primary Object.
Next, create the report: 

      1. Create a new report with the new Dashboards Report Type. 
      2. Show All Dashboards.
      3. Select the Range as All Time.
      4. Pull in the Dashboard Running User field to the report. It will display one of three options:

  • Run as specified user - A static dashboard type.
  • Run as logged-in user - Dynamic Dashboard.
  • Let authorized users change running user - Dynamic Dashboard.​

In order to create a list of Dynamic Dashboards, add the following filter:

Dashboard Running User equals "Running user equals Run as logged-in user, Let authorized users change running user"

Manually Search Folders

If the amount of Dynamic Dashboards permitted to your organization is less than the quantity retrieved with the above two methods, it's possible there are dashboards saved to personal folders. Since Summer '11 Release, Dynamic Dashboards can no longer be saved in Personal Folders. To search Reports and Dashboards in Personal Folders, see the following article: How to locate dashboards and reports hidden in personal folders?

Good to know: Deleted Dynamic Dashboard is moved to the recycle bin and will still consume Dynamic Dashboard allotments. Please empty recycle bin and wait until the following weekend as the emptied recycle bin gets purged on the weekends. Best practice would be to change the dashboard into a static type of dashboard and then delete it.

If you would like to purchase additional dynamic dashboard licenses, please review the article Increasing maximum number of dynamic dashboards

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