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Create UTF-8 CSV files from an Excel spreadsheet containing Asian Characters

Knowledge Article Number 000003837

 1. In Microsoft Excel, open the *.xlsx file.
 2. Select Menu | Save As.
 3. Enter any name for your file.
 4. Under "Save as type," select Unicode Text.
 5. Click Save.
 6. Open your saved file in Microsoft Notepad.
 7. Replace all tab characters with commas (",").

  • Select a tab character (select and copy the space between two column headers)
  • Open the "Find and Replace" window (Press Ctrl+H) and replace all tab characters with comma .

 8. Click Save As.
 9. Name the file, and change the Encoding: to UTF-8.
10. Change the file extension from "*.txt" to "*.csv".
11. Click Save.
12. Open the .csv file in Excel to view your data.

If you run into a problem in these step, don't save your file in Excel because it'll cause encoding issues. If you're having trouble, use the troubleshooting steps below.


Troubleshooting steps if you're still having encoding issues


1. Find the file.
2. Right click the file | select Open With | Notepad.
3. Select File | Save As.
4. Navigate to the folder where you want to save your file.
5. Enter a name for your file and append .csv to the end of the file name.
6. Select UTF-8 encoding.
7. Click Save.
8. Open the newly created file in Excel to view your data.



Import your file via Import Wizard or Apex Dataloader

If you're using the Import Wizard, make sure that you choose right encoding option "Unicode (UTF-8)" on the "Upload the file" step.

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