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Unable to Inline Edit in a List View

Knowledge Article Number 000003911
Troubleshoot problems using Inline Editing in your List View by reviewing these requirements and considerations:

Required User Permissions to Edit Inline in a List View

  • "Enable Inline Editing" and "Enable Enhanced Lists" preferences turned on (under Setup | Customize | User Interface).
  • Sharing Permissions allowing you to edit the records in the list.
  • Permissions allowing you to edit the fields displayed in the list.
    Note: Inline editing enforces all page layout properties, such as marking fields "read-only" or "hidden."

Configure your Organization for Inline Editor

After you've set up your User permissions, review these organization settings to make sure that you're set up correctly for Inline editing:

Record Types considerations

If your organization uses Record Types, you must include a Record Type Filter for a single Record Type in the List View criteria as inline editing only works for lists that are filtered on a single record type. 

For example: "Record Type EQUALS Business Account" or "Record Type EQUALS <blank>" (for records that don't have a record type).

Inline editing from a list will not work if there are any "OR" filters in conjunction with a record type filter (all list filters must be joined by an "AND" logic).

  • Record Type cannot be edited for the Case Object even if you have your list view filtered only on Single Record type.
  • ​Just having one Record Type in displayed records will not enable Inline Editing. You must identify a single record type in the List View criteria. If you don't have permission to edit the list criteria, contact your System Administrator.

User setting and permission considerations

  • The "Mass Edit from Lists" permission must be enabled for your user profile to inline edit multiple records at once.
  • Inline editing is not available when the viewer (User) has Accessibility Mode enabled.

Organization setting and feature considerations

  • Person Accounts - If your organization uses Person Accounts (also known as B2C), you must include a filter in Account list views. (Person Accounts aren't inline editable from "Contact" list views.)
    • Filter to edit Person Accounts - "Person Account EQUALS True"
    • Filter to edit non-Person Accounts - "Person Account EQUALS False"

Other considerations and notes

  • Products can only be inline edited one at a time (you cannot edit multiple records at once in a list view). If you are unable to find the permission on the profile, check if "Enhanced Lists" are enabled via setup. (SetupCustomizeUser InterfaceEnable Enhanced Lists)
  • "Inline Edit" controlling fields can be used on a List View provided the dependent fields are hidden from the assigned page layout.
  • A field must also be present on at least one page layout and assign same page layout on users profile in order to inline edit.
  • If a field is a part of look up filter criteria you will not be able to inline edit the field.
  • You must clear out the filter logic in order to use Inline Editing. They cannot be used simultaneously.
  • Neither the Controlling nor Dependent Picklist fields can be modified through the use of the inline modification on list views.
  • Full Name fields on Person Accounts, Contacts, and Leads are not inline editable, however, their component fields are, such as First Name and Last Name.
  • If you are attempting to inline edit tasks or events, you must include a filter in the list criteria that restricts the list to displaying either tasks or events, not both. Include a filter of "Task EQUALS True " to edit tasks, or " Task EQUALS False " to edit events. If you do not have permission to edit the list criteria, contact your System Administrator.
  • Long Text and Rich Text Area Fields are not editable in the Enhanced List View. If you'd like us to consider this functionality for a future release, consider voting for the "Enhanced List Views" idea on the IdeaExchange.

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