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Mass add Chatter Group Members via the Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000004190

If you need to add a lot of Chatter members at one time, the fastest option is to mass add users using Data Loader. To do this, you'll need to prepare an insert file that contains the Chatter Group ID (CollaborationGroupId) and the User ID (MemberId) values, and perform an insert operation to the Group Member ( CollaborationGroupMember) object.


Options to add group members

1. In Salesforce, navigate to the Chatter Group and click "Add/Remove Members" and search for users or select to view "Everyone" and click the Add button for each user.  See Adding and Removing Chatter Group Members for more details.
2. Upload group members via API using the Apex Data Loader.

Note: Upon adding Chatter group members via either method an email notification is sent to each newly added group member's corresponding email address from

Subject: <UserWhoAddedMembersNameHere> added you to the group <GroupNameHere>
Body: Welcome! You're now a member of the <GroupNameHere>
View (a button that links to the chatter group)

If uploading to a private chatter group the user performing the operation must be the owner or a group manager to add members. To mass add Chatter Group members via the API you will need to create an insert file.

The Chatter Group Id (CollaborationGroupId) and User Id (MemberId) fields are required and must be included in your file.

You can also include/set the following fields for each user upon inserting them as chatter group members:

CollaborationRole: The role of a group member. If not included or specified in the file, the user will be set as a group member and not a group manager.

NotificationFrequency: The frequency at which Salesforce sends Chatter group email digests to this member. "NotificationFrequency" field can be set for Weekly, Daily and Never values, indicated by W, D and N respectively. This is "Set Frequency for Personal Digest" for daily digest. If not included or specified in the file, the default value is set to the user's Chatter email settings. See Managing Chatter Email for more details.

Attached you will find an insert file template to help you get started.  Columns A and B are required fields while C and D are optional. Row 1 contains the field labels, row 2 contains sample data that you'll need to replace, and row 3 contains a brief explanation of each field/column which you can view by selecting the cell and expanding the formula bar in Excel:

Chatter Group Member Insert Template

For an overview of all CollaborationGroupMember fields reference the SOAP API Developer's Guide.

After you've prepared your file

1. Open Data Loader
2. Click on Insert
3. Username & Password (Security Token if applicable) 
4. Click Next
5. Click Checkbox for "Show all Salesforce objects" and select: Group Member(CollaborationGroupMember)
6. Click Browse then *select file*
7. Click Next Then Okay 
8. Click Create or Edit a Map then Auto-Match Fields to Columns
9. Manually map any remaining fields that may not have been mapped automatically
10. Click Okay | Next 
11. Click Browse To *select directory* to store the Success and Error files
12. Click Okay | Finish

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Chatter Group Member Insert Template.csv

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