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Reporting on the Activity Type field

Knowledge Article Number 000004232

When creating a Custom Report Type (CRT) using activities you will lose the ability to report on activity type.  This is because the internal representation is not like our normal picklists, and so it’s difficult to expose.


The workaround in this situation is to create a workflow which will copy the values for the activity type field into a new custom field on Activities which is reportable.  Another option is to use APEX code in order to copy the value into a new Activity field.

Create an Activity Custom Field called "Activity Type 2"
Create a workflow rule
Object:  Task
Rule Criteria :  Type not equal to null
Evaluation Criteria: Every time a record is created or edited
The action should  be a field update
Select "Use a formula to set the new value"
Formula Value should be: TEXT(Type)

You can use this same solution on Event Type. The actions are explained in detail below

The "Type" field on activities is not available on reports. As a workaround you can:

1 Create a new activity field
2. Create a workflow that populates the type field from Tasks into the new activity field you just created.


First you will add a field to the Activity object

  1. Setup | Customize | Activities | Activity Custom Fields.
  2. Click New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section of the page.
  3. Select Text, and click Next.
  4. Enter a field label “Activity Type
  5. Enter length of 255: Next
  6. Keep the field visible for all so just click Next in Step 3
  7. In step 4 uncheck the checkboxes, this does not need to be on any page layouts.
  8. Click Save to finish


    To create a new workflow rule:

    Setup | Create|Workflows & Approvals |Workflow Rules |New Rule

    Select Object =  Task |Next

    Rule name = Activity Type
    Change Evaluation Criteria: Every time a record is created or edited
    Go down to Rule Criteria section

    Field = Type

    Operator = not equal

    Value leave blank

    Click Save & Next


    Click Add Workflow Action

    Select New field update

    Name = Activity Type

    In the Field to Update drop down box select Activity Type

    Under the new section that appears called “ Specify New Field Value”

    Select "Use a formula to set the new value"
    Copy and paste the following formula  into the box

    Click Save

    Click Done

    Click Activate


    This will populate activity types from the time you activate the workflow rule but not past activity types. If you want to populate past activity types the past activities will need to be edited.

    Once you create the field you can put it on the Custom Report Type.

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