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Can I report on my email template usage?

Knowledge Article Number 000004364

I would like to have a way I can report the usage of my HTML and Text email templates with in my org.  To see what is being used and what can be archived or deleted.

At this time, it is not possible to report on email template usage in an organization as a whole (Text and HTML).
Customers that would like to see this feature made available in the future should visit the IdeaExchange below to vote for product idea below:


Email Template Usage Report


There is one way to track HTML Email Templates by using the " HTML Email Status Report" which is standard report for your Org.
However it is limited to showing all HTML emails (Template or not) and does not show what Text Email Templates have been used.
You can get to this report either by following the click path of: Contacts | scroll down to Reports | HTML Email Status Report
Reports | Account and Contact Reports | HTML Email Status Report

Again this report is only limited to HTML Emails only.  Also you may need to Filter out HTML Emails that do not have an Email Template Title or note that the HTML Emails that have a (dash "-" ) in the title are not emails utilizing HTML Email Templates.

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