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Why user record shows wrong currency?

Knowledge Article Number 000004369

I created currency fields on the user record. However, the currency displayed incorrectly. Changing the user's default currency does not change it. For example, my organization only uses British pound (GBP) - other currency are inactive - and the custom currency fields show the amount in Euro (EUR).


The user record contains two currency fields, known as DEFAULTCURRENCYISOCODE and CURRENCYISOCODE.

The first one (DEFAULTCURRENCYISOCODE) is the user's Currency field in the Locale Settings section.

The second one (CURRENCYISOCODE) is not available via the User Interface and can be accessed only via API.

To fix the displayed currency on the record you would need to use API, for example the Data Loader. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Data Loader, choose export, select the user object and follow the steps until you export a CSV file. You would need to export the ID of the user and CURRENCYISOCODE. It is recommended that you will also export the username, so you can verify you are working on the right user.

2. Open the CSV and amend the CURRENCYISOCODE for the relevant user record (for example, from EUR to GBP).

3. Go back to the Data Loader, use the update option, select the file, map the fields and follow the steps.
    Select the directory where the success and error files should be saved, then click "Finish".

4. When a pop appears asking you to proceed, click Yes.

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