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Opportunity Close Date is Being Reset to Today's Date

Knowledge Article Number 000004430

When an Opportunity is set to Closed Won Stage, the Opportunity Close Date is being set to today's date.  Why?


The only time the opportunity Close Date field changes to today's date is when you have a close date in the future, and you change the status to a Closed/Won stage. Any other stage will not affect the close date.

If the close date is in the past, nothing, including the Closed Won stage, will affect the close date. This was done by design so that a future close date will designate to today's date if you close out the opportunity.

Note:  If the Close Date is changed in the same edit which marks the Opportunity as Won, we keep the close date explicitly entered at that time, even if it is a date in the future.

Workaround: A Workflow Rule can be created with the criteria:

           (Evaluation Criteria must be set to "created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria")

Opportunity: Won equals True                    

The action would be a field update to "Close Date" field with a formula of:



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