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Inline Editing is not available for a specific object

Knowledge Article Number 000004555

We are unable to use Inline Editing when viewing records in a specific object. Inline Editing is enabled, and is available as expected on other objects.


Check to see if the 'Edit' Button for the object in question has been overridden with a Visualforce page. If the Edit action has been overridden for an object, Inline Editing may not be available for that object.

To determine this:

For standard objects: Go to Setup | Customize | <Object> | Buttons & Links, and note the "Overridden" checkbox next to the 'Edit' standard button.

For custom objects: Go to Setup | Create | Objects | <Object>, scroll down to the Buttons & links section, and note the "Overridden" checkbox next to the 'Edit' standard button.

The Visualforce Page Overriding the Edit Button must specify inlineEdit="true" within the <apex:detail>.

See the following Page from the Developer Guide.



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