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Change Default reminders for all users

Knowledge Article Number 000004609

Is it possible to change the default reminder settings (accessed individually through the original interface My Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Reminders & Alerts or the improved interface My Name | My settings | Calendar & Reminders | Reminders & Alerts) for all users centrally?


It is possible to mass update through API (the data loader for instance).

You would need to export the following fields on the User object:

  • ID - This is the ID of the user in question
  • USERPREFERENCESACTIVITYREMINDERSPOPUP - This will determine whether or not a window opens when an activity is due
  • USERPREFERENCESEVENTREMINDERSCHECKBOXDEFAULT - This is the default time for event reminders
  • USERPREFERENCESREMINDERSOUNDOFF - This will determine whether or not a sound is displayed when a reminder occurs
  • USERPREFERENCESTASKREMINDERSCHECKBOXDEFAULT - This is the default time for task reminders

Then, you would need to update the CSV file from true to false or vice versa as required. Finally, you would need to do an update on the user table via the Data Loader.

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