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How do I add another field to my Web-to-Lead Form?

Knowledge Article Number 000005128

How do I add another field to my Web-to-Lead Form?


Salesforce can automatically create leads based on information captured directly on your web site.

If you currently have a page, such as a registration page, that you are using to capture leads, and you need to add a field to this page, here are the steps you need to go through.

Step I: Create a new lead custom field to capture the new information

1. Click on:

Your Name  | Setup | App Setup | Customize | Lead | Fields.

2. Scroll down and click on the "New" button next to Lead Custom Fields.

3. Enter the Data type for the field and the appropriate label for the field. Depending on the data type, you may need to fill out the other sections.

4. Click "Save".

5. You can optionally map this lead field to Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities if the lead is converted. (in order to do so, click on the link "Map Lead Fields" located next to "New." This will ensure that the information is retained when the lead is subsequently converted.

Step II: Generate the sample HTML code for this new field

1. Click on:

Your Name  | Setup | App Setup | Customize | Leads | Web-to-Lead.

2. Click on "Create Web-to-Lead Form".

3. Select only the lead field you just created from Available to Selected box.

4. Click "Generate and Choose Language option".

5. Select all the text in the text box and copy it onto your clipboard by selecting the menu option Edit -> Copy (on your browser).

Step III: Incorporate the new HTML into your web site

1. Paste the HTML you copied into an email and send it to your webmaster.

2. Your webmaster will need to add the input elements in this sample HTML into your website. They will also likely want to customize the look and feel to match that of your web site.

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