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Unable to edit or clone a Dashboard

Knowledge Article Number 000005161

Please note that there are two distinct types of Reporting and Dashboard folder sharing. Please ensure that you are reviewing details specific to the version being utilized within your environment.

Determining whether you are using the legacy or enhanced version of the folder sharing can be done by using the below clickpath:

Setup | Customize | Reports & Dashboards | Folder Sharing

Here you will find a setting called "Enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders." If this option is populated, you are using the "Enhanced" version. Otherwise, the Legacy option is being employed.

Resolution Legacy folder sharing model


The "Manage Dashboards" profile permission allows a user to:
  • Create a dashboard (in dashboard folders which they have access to)
  • Clone an existing dashboard
  • Edit a dashboard YOU CREATED only (you cannot change Running User from yourself to another user)
The user will be automatically set as the Running User and cannot be changed to any other user.

NOTE: If a user sees the "Edit" button for a dashboard they didn't create, the "Insufficient Privileges" message will display when editing.


A profile ALSO needs "View All Data" permission to do the following:
  • Edit any dashboard
  • Set or change Running User
  • Create or change dashboard folders and folder permissions

Enhanced folder sharing model

In organizations using enhanced folder sharing, users can edit some dashboard details and save the changes as the current running user of the dashboard. They will be restricted to which details they can modify if they are not the running user of the dashboard. To ensure complete access, the profile permission "View All Data" must also be granted. But to use this capability, the following conditions must be met: 
  1. Enhanced Analytics Sharing must be enabled
  2. The user must have Editor or Manager access to the dashboard's folder
  3. The user must have the following permissions:
    1. Run Reports
    2. Create and Customize Dashboards
    3. Manage Dashboards in Public Folders
    4. Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder
    5. Manage Dynamic Dashboards is requested to edit Dynamic Dashboards

Please Note: If you have all the above permissions but you still cannot edit or clone a specific dashboards, please review the article Edit and clone buttons of a dashboard disappeared

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