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Product Price: What is the "More decimals on price" feature?

Knowledge Article Number 000005216

Product Price: What is the" More decimals on price" feature?

Does your company sell items at a very small price, typically in large quantities? A very small price is defined as 1/1000th of 1 currency unit or less - for example $0.001 or as low as $0.00000001.

Please contact support to have this feature enabled for you after reviewing this solution and working with support such that you understand the implications.

See the following article, on how to request this feature:
Enabling More Decimals on Price

Note that this only applies to product price and does not affect Currencies in use elsewhere!


Please consider the following before having support enable this feature:

(1) Turning the feature on will open up all price fields in Salesforce so they can be edited for up to 8 decimals to the right of the decimal point. The display will always show at least the currency-length number of digits and up to 8 depending on how many digits are needed by that value.
For example, in USD, the values below will display in the following manner:
$0.00045 will display as $0.00045
$0.12345678 will display as $0.12345678
$10 will display as $10.00
$10.02 will display as $10.02
$10.12345 will display as $10.12345

(2) Price formats will no longer be enforced/defaulted and could therefore vary
- Within an organization - For example, if you sell some products/services at prices like $1,500.00 and others at $0.00045
- For the same product between various list and sales prices - For example, if list price for a product was $0.00045, nothing would stop a user from applying a sales price for the product of $1.45 or $145.00 or $0.00000045 on an opportunity line item

(3) In reports, price fields will be right aligned and may not line up vertically at the decimal point if formats vary.

(4) The feature can be turned off again for your org on request. In that case, prices will be rounded back down to the currency-length number of digits.
For example, if you had a price defined for a product of $0.12345, it would be rounded back to $0.12 if the feature was disabled.

(5) For organizations with Multi-Currency, the "more decimals on price feature" will only display the specified number of decimals if the selected currency on the record is same as the corporate currency otherwise it would display 6 decimals as a default.

For example: If USD is the corporate currency, EUR 10.123 will display as EUR 10.123000

Note: Once "More Decimals on Price" is enabled, you will still need to edit any existing prices to show additional decimal places. This can done by a mass update through API or manually. Also, under Customize > Opportunities > Opportunities Products > Fields the decimal place value will still display as 2. ex (16,2).

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