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Convert a 15 character ID to a 18 character ID

Knowledge Article Number 000005288
Description Convert 15 character IDs to 18 character IDs to update records, or to make working in systems that aren't case sensitive easier.

Follow the steps below to create a formula field that will give you the 18 characters ID of the records.

         1. Go to Setup | Customize | object name | click Fields
                 - For Custom objects: Setup | Create Objects | object name
         3. In the related list "Custom Fields & Relationships" click New.
         4. Click the Formula radio button.
         5. Click the Text radio button for "Formula Return Type."
         6. Input the following Formula into the Formula Editor:

 7. Set Field Visibility, add/ remove from Page Layout(s).
 8. Click Save.

Small Alert Icon NOTE: When dealing with record types only custom record types have ids. See What is the master record type? for more information.

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