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How do I import products and pricebook information?

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Description How do I import products and pricebook information?
Resolution The attached document explains data importing in general.

Importing products is a more involved process than the general case since there are 3 tables that together store the Product and Pricebook information.

To import this data, take the following steps:

1. Read the attached document.

2. Setup a pricebook in Salesforce CRM. The standard Pricebook should already be available.

3. Also, setup any custom fields on the product object that may not already exist, using the setup menu in

4. Using the Excel Connector referred to in the attachment, import your products into the "products2" table.

5. Ensure that each product is linked to the Pricebook ID for the standard price book (listed in the "pricebook2" table).

6. Then import the corresponding data products into the pricebook entry table.

7. Check to make sure all your products were imported.

8. If you make a mistake in this process, just delete the rows you imported, using the Excel Connector, and start over.

If you do not want to use excel connector but Data Loader, here are the instructions.

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