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Insert Users via the Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000007571

Here's an overview of special requirements when inserting (creating) Users via the Data Loader.


1. Required fields when inserting users:

  • Alias
  • Username
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Encoding (EMAILENCODINGKEY)
  • ProfileId (not profile name but rather the 15-character ID from the URL of the profile in the UI)

2. Pick Lists: The following UI picklist values are different than the values to use in the Data Loader. Instead, use the tabbed worksheets attached to this solution for the proper picklist values.

  • Email Encoding Key
  • Locale
  • Language
  • TimeZone
  • Currency


3. IsActive: If you don't specify the IsActive field when inserting a user, the user will automatically be inserted as Active. However, if you do not have a license ready then you can set IsActive to FALSE in your CSV file and activate the user when a license becomes available.

4. Generate new password and notify user immediately: This checkbox is not present in the Data Loader, so a password is not generated with Users created this way. Instead, use the "Reset Password" button and select the desired users from a User list view and reset the password for all selected users from the view itself.

5. Perform insert option with Data Loader:

  • Select Insert operation and select User as an object. Browse the .CSV file that you prepared for import and click Next.
  • Map the "User" object fields and columns in .CSV file.
  • Select a directory to save the "error and success" files and click Finish.


  • When importing Portal Users, a welcome email is automatically sent which contains a link prompting the user to set a password (no password reset required). See "How do I import customer portal users?" for more information on importing Customer Portal Users.
  • License for the User would be assigned automatically based on the Profile selected for the User.
  • The description of all the User fields can be found in the API documentation.

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