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What occurs when a meeting request is sent to a Contact?

Knowledge Article Number 000073340
Resolution The steps for Contacts to accept Meeting Requests from Salesforce are as follows:

- When you (Salesforce User) send the invitation, you should receive a prompt on the home page:

"Your meeting request has been sent.

Give your invitee time to respond, and then check your email inbox for a reply."

- The contact will receive a message based on the values entered during meeting request creation. This will include the subject provided, the individuals in the meeting (users and contacts), the time of the requested meeting dates (will be a range if multiple dates/times are entered), the duration of the meeting and the location of the meeting.

There will also be a button in the email labeled 'Respond to This Request', and a link that will provide the same function.

- Clicking on this button or link will take the Contact to a Salesforce landing page (no username/login required) where they can select a checkbox for a time that they will be available for the meeting, from the choices provided during meeting request creation.  They will also be an option to indicate 'None of these times works for me.'

This page will also include text box to insert a message, and a 'Reply' button that will be selectable once text is entered into this field.

Once the reply is sent, there will be a prompt on the page: "Success: Your response was sent."

- The user that generated the meeting request will receive an email notification based on the values entered in the reply. The email will be displayed as being sent from:

"*Name of Contact* (via" <>.

There will also be a button on this reply 'View Response and Schedule Meeting', and once again a link that performs the same function. Clicking on this button/link will take the user to the meeting request in Salesforce (provided they are logged in), where they can view Attendee Availability, Reschedule, Send an Update, or Cancel the Meeting.

Once the Contact confirms their availability, the user will have the option to select one of these times from this page, and send another follow up to the Contact. The Contact will then receive a message regarding the new meeting request details, and a button to respond to the request.

- Clicking on this button to respond will then take the Contact to another external Salesforce page (once again, no login required), which will include meeting request details, a text box, and buttons to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the request. Once the Contact accepts the request, the button 'Change Response' will be available on this page along with the "Add to Outlook" button.

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