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Salesforce for Outlook sync freezes or does not complete

Knowledge Article Number 000116760

If the sync gets stuck on 0% it means SFO is unable to reach your Outlook data file but if starts spinning and gets stuck on a different number such as 33% or 45% then most probably one or more of your records in Salesforce or Outlook, depending on your sync direction, are corrupted and you need to move it out of the sync folder or delete it

This article applies to SFO being stuck on 0%


If your company's internal IT department doesn't allow disabling the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 this could cause our Salesforce for Outlook plug-in to fail during the sync process or get stuck on a percentage during the sync

More specifically, if the security policy doesn't allow the UAC setting to be set to Never Notify and it's set to Default or Always Notify, you'll need to Whitelist the "Salesforce for Outlook" (SFO) ‘.exe’ file. 

Some other security software could also have this affect on SFO sync, security software such as VIPRE or Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection are a couple of example that we have seen in our past cases, but there could be more. One way to address this is to exclude or whitelist our SFO process, the SfdcMsOl.exe file in these applications. You may need to reach out to your IT or the software provider support team for assistance.


- Whitelisting this location isn't always necessary because every User has full access to their own AppData folder.  It becomes necessary when security is set to prevent a User from running applications.  
- This article may not apply to you if you have the SFO version 2.5 thru 2.7 or have installed SFO version 2.8 and later using the Me Only option. If so, please contact your internal System Administrator or IT department for more help. 
The first step to resolving this issue is to review the Salesforce for Outlook unable to Communicate 

If you're still unable to sync or you continue to see the issue, you can set the Salesforce for Outlook plug-in to run with the highest privileges. This will override the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.x, and Windows 10 UAC settings. Keep in mind this only works for SFO v2.4.x and older and 2.8 and later with the Everyone who logs in to this computer - Review more information on SFO 2.8 Installation changes

Whitelisting Salesforce for Outlook in the UAC

1. Set the UAC setting according to your company policy (You may skip this step if the setting is already set by your company's IT team).
Important: Do not reboot if you are prompted yet
2. Click Start and type in Task in the Search box to open the Task Scheduler
3. Click Create Basic Task.
4. Enter a name and a description (optional), and then click Next.
5. Select the When the computer starts radio button, make sure Start a program is selected, and then click Next.
6. On the Start a Program page, click Browse. 
7. Select SfdcMsOl.exe and then click Next.

Salesforce for Outlook v2.4 and earlier and Salesforce for Outlook v2.8 per-machine installation will be located in the Program Files folder. Here's the path, depending on version: 

Windows 32 bits: C:\Program Files (x86)\\Salesforce for Outlook\SfdcMsOl.exe
​Windows 64 bits: C:\Program Files\\Salesforce for Outlook\SfdcMsOl.exe

Salesforce for Outlook 2.5.x thru 2.7 are installed in the Running User's AppData folder. This has nothing to do with the version of Windows and it is the same for either bitness. 
  • %AppData%\\Salesforce for Outlook\SfdcMsOl.exe
8. On the Summary page, check the box Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish,” and then click Finish.
8. From the SFO Properties (Local Computer) window, check the box Run with highest privileges and then click Ok
9. Restart your computer. This will create a Task that will run without needing any UAC prompting.


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