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Unable to delete/add Approval Process Step

Knowledge Article Number 000120161
Description After the approval process is activated you cannot delete, add or modify the approval steps.
Resolution After activating an approval process, you cannot add or remove approval steps. Also, some approval steps attributes will not be editable. This is the expected behavior for the approval process.

This is the workaround available:

If you need to remove or add an Approval Step, you can:
1- Click Your Name | Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Approval Processes.
2- Find your approval process
3- Deactivate this Approval Process (you can select the deactivate action from the approval process home page, or click on the approval process name and deactivate it from the record detail page)
4- Use the "Clone" button (from the approval process detail page) to create a new similar inactive one.
Note: Please notice that you cannot use the same approval name.
5- Then use the "Delete" link for Step 2 before activating that process.
6- Once you are sure that the approval is completed activate it again.

This should not affect the current records that had been submitted for approval prior to deactivating the approval process.
The records that were submitted with the old approval process will not reflect the changes done to the new approval process, they would have to be submitted for approval again using the new approval process.

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