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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Topic Profile Statuses

Knowledge Article Number 000152622
Description Description of what each topic profile status within the Analysis Dashboard means and the limitations of each.
Resolution There are four Topic Profile Statuses:


A purchased (activated) topic profile is a billable status with the exception of Corporate trial account. The profile will remain active until the owner chooses to delete it.  Users have the ability to copy dashboards or widgets to other users in their environment as long as the visibility of the topic profile is set to public or the user receiving the dashboards/widgets is a member of an applied Project.  If the topic profile owner wishes to change the status of a profile to activate, they can do so under to topic profile details page, but please check the Estimated Monthly Volume first to ensure the profile is not over any pre-discussed limits. Please get in touch with your Account Executive if the owner is unavailable to activate the profile or to discuss any billing implications.


Trial profiles are ideal for building a sample profile to demonstrate the data that can be captured. Agency accounts have “trial” labelled profiles. In a Corporate account, there is not an option for “trial” labelled profiles. Trial topic profiles can be activated in the dashboard by the topic profile owner.   The profile will remain active for seven days. After the seventh day the profile will go “Inactive”.
Below are some of the limitations of a trial profile:
  • Dashboards cannot be copied if there are widgets built from a trial profile; however; individual widgets can be copied to another user.
  • Users can export, through direct download, a maximum of 10,000 posts from a River of News widget. This will provide a sample of the type of data they will receive if they choose to purchase the topic profile.
  • Historical data cannot be added to topic profiles that are in trial status as they are only active for seven days before going inactive unless they are activated prior to expiration.  If historical data is added to a trial topic profile, the profile will go inactive at midnight as it cannot be active for more than seven days from its creation date (in the event that a trial profile needs to be extended, then the creation date is reset accordingly).
  • Insights, paid or free, cannot be added to trial profiles.


After the seven day trial period, trial topic profiles will go inactive. Users will still see the profile in their account, but it will be greyed out. Users will not be able to use this profile for building widgets or editing the configuration. It will remain inactive for seven days. Once that time has expired the profile will be deleted.  The owner of the profile can still activate an inactive topic profile by following this pathway: Configuration>Topic Profile Details>Status or by contacting your Account Executive.


When a profile is “deleted” it will no longer exist in the designated account. A profile can be deleted in the dashboard by the owner only.  A profile that has been deleted does not lose the original configuration. It is saved in our database and can be reactivated by contacting the Account Executive.  The historical data will remain once reactivated, but Insights are marked inactive as soon as the topic profile is deleted so they will need to be reactivated if required.

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