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Impact of scheduled jobs due to fall of Day light savings

Knowledge Article Number 000170765
Description On Nov 4th, we have fall of day light savings. could you please let us know how is this handled in SFDC cloud. In general, clocks will be set back from 1:59AM to 1AM. In this case the jobs which are scheduled at 1AM will run twice on this day. Do we have the same impact in SFDC as well.
Resolution The scheduled date time is in GMT, so the job is executed once.

Say the user is in GMT+5 (considering daylight savings), 1 am GMT+5 is 8pm GMT (previous day), so at 8 pm GMT the job is executed. When the daylight savings stop applying at 2 am GMT+5 (9 pm GMT) the time for the user is displayed as 1 am GMT+4 (still 9 pm GMT). We don't go back in time, we just change the offset with GMT.

The same goes for the off set of the daylight saving Just apply the corresponding time offset in the time displayed to the user.

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