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How can I update Lead fields on converted Leads?

Knowledge Article Number 000170793
Description Users may find it necessary to edit lead field values for converted leads, please note that with Spring 16' the functionality has been delivered.
Resolution See Leads: Update Details for Converted Leads in Salesforce Classic in the Spring 16' release notes for more details.

To prepare your update file you can Export Data or Create a Report to View Converted Leads and then export the report with the "Export Details" button on the Report Run Page.  Include the existing Lead Ids and fields you desire to update in your export or report to create a CSV file.

Once you have updated the values in your CSV file using Excel see Insert, Update, or Delete Data Using Data Loader for additional details on performing an update operation to the Lead object.

Note: When performing an update via the API and using Data Loader for example, you will need to set the batch size to 1 as outlined in Configure Data Loader.

See Also:
Known Issue: Data Loader updates to converted leads causes "ERROR: insufficient access rights on object id"

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