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Chatter email notifications behavior

Knowledge Article Number 000170906
Description When using the @mention functionality, the chatter email notifications behaviour is the following:

- All the people that you mentioned using “@” functionality will receive an email notification stating: "XXX mentioned you in a comment".

After a user makes a comment on this new post, a new chatter email notification will be sent (to this user) every time the post gets updated (for example: when new comments are added),  and this time, the email notification will state the following: "XXX commented on a post".

If a user that was “@” mentioned, does not make a comment to this post,  he/she will not receive any chatter email notifications with any new comments in the post.

- If a user @mentions self, he/she will not get an email notification.

- If a user
 @mentions a group they're also a member of he/she will not receive an email notification.

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