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Why can't I create Person Accounts?

Knowledge Article Number 000171021

Person Accounts aren't enabled by default in Salesforce, but can be enabled by Salesforce Support if you make a request (steps listed at the end of this article).


How to tell if Person Accounts are enabled

If you have an option to select "Person Accounts" as the record type when you create a new Account, you already have Person Accounts enabled. If not, follow the steps in this article.


Before requesting Person Accounts: Requirements and recommendations 

  • Person Account can't be disabled after they have been enabled.
  • Try them in a test org or sandbox first - We strongly encourage you to evaluate B2C in a test org or sandbox before activating them in your production org. We also recommend that any data conversion process be tested in one of these environments first before attempting to convert production data.
  • Make sure you're completely familiar with how Person Accounts function - Review our "Setting Up Person Accounts" help guide to learn all about them.
  • Configure your org to be used with Person Accounts - Complete these steps:


1. Click Setup | select Customize | Accounts | Record Types.
2. If at least 1 Account record type displays, continue. If none display, create a new Account record using the steps in our "Create Record Types" help documentation.
3. Click Setup | select Security Controls | Sharing Settings.
4. Under "Organization Wide Defaults," set default access for "Contact" to "Controlled by Parent."
5. Click Setup | select Manage Users | Profiles.
6. Review each profile and configure at least "Read" permissions on the Account and Contacts objects. For complete steps, see our "Edit Object Permissions in Profiles" help documentation.

Other limitations and notes for Person Accounts:

  • Person Accounts are currently supported in Connect Offline, Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce Side Panel, and Connect for Outlook version 3.2 and later.
  • If you use Outlook or Notes, you'll need to upgrade to version 3.2 or later.
  • Person Accounts don't open as sub-tabs like normal Accounts, but there is a workaround listed in our Success Community.
  • Converting existing customer accounts to Person Accounts requires a data conversion process. Learn more about the coversion process in our "Setting Up Person Accounts" help guide.


Request Person Accounts (open a case with Salesforce Support)

If Person Accounts aren't available, open a case with Salesforce Support from Help & Training. If you're using Developer Edition, you can call Salesforce Success.

When you submit your case, please answer the following questions and agree to the following statements:

1. What is the Organization ID of the production or sandbox instance you'd like updated? (Click Setup | select Company Profile | Company Information.)
2. Is your request for a sandbox or production org?
3. I agree: I understand that once Person Accounts feature is activated, it can't be disabled (we encourage testing this feature in a sandbox or a Dev/Free Trial org) and Lightning Experience is not supported at the moment when Person Account is enabled:
4. I confirm: You're the System Administrator (must be listed as such in the Organization) and are authorized on behalf of this Organization to request this feature:
5. I confirm: You've completed the configuration steps listed in this article under "Before requesting Person Accounts."

The turn around time to activate Person Accounts can take up to 2 to 3 business days as Support Engineering needs to review the technical specifications in your instance.

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