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Why do Web to Lead records show "[not provided]" versus a blank value for the Company field?

Knowledge Article Number 000171026
Description When leads are created via Web to Lead, they show a value of "[not provided]" for the Company if the field is left blank or not included on the Web to Lead form. This is due to the Company field being universally required.  The Web to Lead system inserts "[not provided]" as a placeholder to allow the Lead to be created. This works same for Last Name field too

When Person Accounts are enabled for an organization, the Company field is no longer universally required, and results in a blank value being inserted when the lead is created without a value in the field.

This ties into the Person Account functionality in regards to lead conversion.  Leads with a blank value in the Company field are converted to Person Accounts, and leads with a value in the Company field are converted to Business Accounts.
Resolution If the "[not provided]" placeholder behavior is desired in organizations with Person Accounts enabled, a workflow rule and associated field update can be created to replace blank Company names on Web to Lead records with the desired value.

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