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Why are the Approval Process merge fields Assignee and Approver not populating?

Knowledge Article Number 000171146
How the Approval Process merge fields Assignee and Approver are populated depends on when the approval email template is sent.
Approvals and Merge Fields
  • Approval process merge fields can be used in email templates, but not mail merge templates.
  • Merge fields in the approval request email is set to the submitter's name and the name of the first step.
  • When the request is approved, the merge fields update to the most recent approver's name and the name of the second step, if applicable.
  • For subsequent actions, merge field values are updated based on the previous completed step.

If Person A initially submits the approval request and if it has 2 steps (Step 1 and Step 2)

Once the request is submitted

The Submitter's name is what gets stored in the merge field {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver} so in this case Person A
Also the name "Step 1" is what gets stored in the merge field {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Step_Name}

Now when the 1st step is approved by Person B the approval progresses to the 2nd step

The merge field will display Person A and Step 1 in the email that goes out.

Since the request is approved and crossed the 1st step the merge field now holds the value of the recent approver in this case person B and the step name Step 2

When the 2nd step is approved

The 1st step approver's name is captured and step name that gets displayed in the email is Step 2

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