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Changeset Deployment Steps from Sandbox to Production

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Description Changeset Deployment Steps from Sandbox to Production
Resolution Change set Deployment:
1. Login into Supplier sandbox since you have working code in that.
2.Click on Setup | App Setup | Outbound Change Sets
3. On Outbound Change Sets page click on 'new' button
4. Provide the New Change Set and description and click on 'Save' button
5. After saving you will get the change set page. Go to Change Set Components related list and click on 'Add' button.
6. Add appropriate profiles in the Change Set to whom you want to grant access.
7. Select the Component Type. You need select which component you want to deploy ex: Apex class, Apex Trigger etc.
After that you need to select the specific class/Trigger name and click on 'Add to Change set' button.
8. In Change Set Detail related list click on 'upload' button and select the target Organization as Production. Then again select on 'Upload' button.

After uploading you will receive an email confirmation saying

Your outbound change set "change set name " has successfully uploaded. To complete the migration, an inbound change administrator must deploy the change set in the destination organization.

Production Org:

1. Click on Setup | App Setup | Inbound Change Sets
2. In Inbound Change Sets page under Change Sets Awaiting Deployment, click on the change set name
3. Before clicking on Deploy button you can Validate the code by clicking on Validate button.

For successful deployment you should have at least 75% code coverage.


If you still face Code coverage error then follow the article:
Code coverage steps and considerations prior to deployments



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