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Activation of Bulk API Hard Delete on System Administrator profile

Knowledge Article Number 000171306
Description I'd like to have the option 'Bulk API Hard Delete' activated for the system administrator profile. As an admin how can I set up myself with this permissions?
Resolution 1. Go to Manage Users-->Profile

2. Open the ‘System Administrator’ profile and hit the ‘Clone’ Button.

3. Enter a suitable profile name and save it.

4. Edit the profile which you saved at step 3.

5. Under "Administrative permissions", check the ‘Bulk API Hard Delete’ checkbox.

6. Save it and assign this profile to the desired users.

Another option to assign this permission to specific user(s), admin can make use of Permission Sets as well. For more information, refer to Permission Sets, which includes a walk through of creating and assigning Permission Sets.

Note: Profiles are only available in the following editions: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, and Editions.

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