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Difference between Renaming a Picklist and Replacing a Picklist Value

Knowledge Article Number 000175633
Description Below mentioned are differences between renaming a pick list value and replacing a pick list value.
Resolution Rename the Pick list Value

If you want to rename a value, click the “Edit” link next to the value and type in the new value. For instance, if you want to change the Lead Source value from Web to Web Page, edit the value and rename it.

Some picklists, like the opportunity Stage, do not allow editing of the name and need to use one of the other options. Also, keep in mind that if you change the name of a pick list value, and that value is used in a report filter, then that report may not work as expected after the change since that value will be removed from the filter criteria or if it is the only criteria, return an error when running/editing the report.

Replace the Pick list Value

Another option is to create a new value and then globally replace an existing value. This is handy when combining values or if you want to keep your report filters intact using new or existing values.

When viewing the picklist values of a Salesforce field, use the “Replace” button and enter the value you want to replace. Then select the value to replace it with. You will need to have any new values added before replacing existing values.

Note: This is a global change and will replace the picklist value for all existing records, including records in the recycle bin. Also, this will update the Modified By date and time for all records where the value was replaced. Replacing / Renaming a pick list value will not update the record history related list

Also, when you delete a pick list value, it does not affect existing records with the deleted value, it only restricts selection of that value for new records. This means that old records with that value does not get impacted and retain their value even if the pick list value is no longer available.

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