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How to view Converted Leads in your Organization

Knowledge Article Number 000175908
Once the Leads are converted in a Salesforce Organization, they aren't directly available in a Leads List View. To view the data of all converted Leads you will need to either use a standard Lead report or create a Custom Report Type based on your Organization's needs. Learn how to accomplish this below. 

Create a Report to View Converted Leads

1. Click the Reports Tab.
2. Click New Report. 
Click on (+) sign next to the Leads folder, and select the report type "Leads With Converted Lead Information." 
4. Click Create.

If the default fields do not show you the desired information, you can select additional fields from the section on the left by dragging and dropping them onto the Preview section.

5. Click the "Add" drop down next to Filters and select "Field Filter."  
6. Set your criteria to "Converted equals True." 

7. Click Run Report.

All Leads which are converted will be now be listed in this report.

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