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When creating Email Templates how do I "Send Test Email and Verify Merge Fields" to confirm data is set up properly?

Knowledge Article Number 000175913
Description Once you have created an Email template you can test the merge fields by sending a test email to a test email address to see how actual email looks.
Resolution Go to your Email Template that you would like to test and click on the Send Test and Verify Merge Field,

You will see the following options on a pop up window, "Preview the template with the following records:"

1. Recipient Record: You can select a Contact, Lead or User; the template will retrieve Merge Fields such as: {!Contact.FirstName}. But no email will be send to the Contact, Lead or User you choose in this box

2. Related to Record: If your email template uses information from object such as Accounts, Opportunities, etc, you can select any record in those objects and the template will retrieve the merge fields from the record and populate the template with that information.

3. A check box for Send email preview to: By selecting this option and typing the correct email address, and email will get generated.  This option is the only one that will generate a test email, and it will be sent to the specified email address only, not to the Recipient Record email address. You can also do this test several times with different email recipient to see how the template will look in different email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, or etc

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