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Activate and access the Basic Demographic insight in the Analysis Dashboard

Knowledge Article Number 000176003
The Basic Demographics Insight provides author-level insights and aggregate analysis of the Age, Gender, and Location of Twitter authors. Demographic data is collected from these users’ public profiles and added in to your Topic Profile data when you activate this Insight through the Insight Manager in the Analysis Dashboard.  It is a way to learn more about the “Who” behind social conversations while taking every step to ensure these speakers’ online privacy is protected.

We'll review the data available in Basic Demographics, how to activate insights, and how to view Basic Demographics insights in widgets.

Data available in Basic Demographics

Understanding more of the “Who” behind social media conversations has real business applications to almost any social media effort. Tune into specific people or specific demographics, add depth to social media listening reports, or segment conversation by demographics to prioritize response or strategically engage in the Engagement Console. There are lots of options when you use the Basic Demographics insight. Try running different demographics off of others. For example, run Age against Gender to see the age breakdown between men and women.

Basic Demographics includes Age, Gender and Location insights from Twitter authors:
Age, when known, is represented as a range. Ranges include:
Gender, when known, is represented as “Male” or “Female.”
 Location, when known, is represented in three categories:
  • [Country]
  • [State, Country]
  • [City, State, or Country]

Currently, these demographics are represented in one visualization. If you drill down within your widgets to view Age, Gender and or Location, you may notice the results are smaller than your total posts from your initial widget. This is because the unknown age, gender or locations of Twitter authors do not appear at all when drilling down.


Activate  Basic Demographic insights for a Topic Profile

You can activate insights in the Analysis Dashboard. To activate Basic Demographics:

1. Log in to the Analysis Dashboard.
2. Click Insights Manager.
3. Under "Select Topic Profile", choose the Topic Profile that you want to activate Basic Demographics on. 
You must be the Topic Profile owner to see the Topic Profile in the list.
4. Locate "Basic Demographics" in the list of Insights packages.
5. Click Free Insight to activate the Basic Demographics insight. 
Once you activate the insight, the message "Data in use" appears next to Basic Demographics.

If the Estimated Monthly Volume (EMV) for your profile is above 300,000, review tips for optimizing your Topic Profile to reduce your EMV.

Once the insights are activated, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to access them. Until the insight data is collected, you will see the following message when you attempt to open a widget for the insight: "One or more of the insights subscriptions for this widget is new and collection of the data has not yet started.  Please try again later."


View Basic Demographics insights in a widget

You can access Basic Demographic insights by clicking on a bar or pie segment from a Topic Analysis widget. Click on the segment and click Insights by Provider | Basic Demographics | Age, Gender, or Location. Choose Age, Gender or Location to drill down as you need. Note: You cannot open a River of News Widget off of these results.

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