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Recommended Resolution Size for Profile / Group photos

Knowledge Article Number 000176170
What is the recommended resolution size for images that you can use as Profile and Group photos for Chatter inside your Salesforce?
The resolution size is based on pixels. For Profile and Group photos, the width is fixed at 200 pixels. The height varies from the minimum 1 pixel to the maximum of 300 pixel.

Below are sample photos of the recommended maximum, default, and smallest resolution sizes.

Maximum: width 200 x height 300

  Default: width 200 x height 200

   Smallest: width 200 x height 1



Additionally, for your reference, below are the sizes of their thumbnail version that you may find around Salesforce.


Size: width 45 x height 45
Thumbnails found in:
- Chatter posts
- Chatter tab
- Hover details

Size: width 30 x height 30
Thumbnails found in:
- Chatter Comments
- Followers section in Profile tab and Feeds
- Following section in Profile tab
- Groups section in Profile tab
- Recommendations section in Chatter tab

- width 16 x height 16
- Thumbnail of user's manager indicated in the user's Profile page.

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