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I am getting an error when attempting to reinstall the Salesforce Mobile Application on my Blackberry. "There is an issue with your session, Error ID 30702"

Knowledge Article Number 000176451
Description User was previously able to login to Salesforce Mobile on their Blackberry, but suddenly was unable to.  Upon uninstalling and attempting to reinstall an error occurs,

"There is an issue with the current session. Please log in to continue. (Error Id: 30702)"

Shortly after this error is followed by an error message in regards to their Blackberry ID Account information,

"Unable to update your blackberry id account information."
Resolution This error is a Blackberry App World related issue and is technically not supported by Salesforce.  You can provide the user with the below information that should resolve their issue.

To solve these issues, you must navigate to Payment Options. Follow the path:

Blackberry App World | My Account | Payment Options

You will then be asked to log in. Once logged in, you can back out or return to App World.  The issue should be resolved and the user should now be able to install the Salesforce Mobile App

Alternate Method
1. Shutdown your phone and remove your battery and sim
2. Reinsert the battery (do not insert the sim yet) and turn on your blackberry phone
3. Type in your blackberry id and password. You'll get an error saying id is not correct. Ignore this error.
4. Shut down your blackberry again and remove the battery
5. Now reinsert your sim and battery
6. Under Options, find Blackberry Id or simply type it if you're using os7
7. Now, enter your correct Id (email and password)
8. Click save

The two links below can be provided to the user.  These are Blackberry forums that outline the above troubleshooting.

How To Fix Blackberry Error ID 30702:

Blackberry Support Forum:


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